About Anonymous Files

We like to think of ourselves as a different type of file sharing service. A lot of the big file sharing services became huge companies that harvest your data and are susceptible to identity hackers. The other services often became scammy and spammy, hosting viruses and filling pages with deliberately confusing download buttons and fake timers in the hope of making you subscribe. We created a new service that is simple, effective and anonymous.

We care about your right to privacy. We believe that everyone has the right to be anonymous. A lot of web sites say this, but we really mean it (it's even in our domain name). Our number one goal is to provide you with a service that respects your right to privacy and anonymity. We never log your identity.

Anonymous Files was started by 2 privacy aware web partners who were tired of what the existing services had become and couldn't find a service they wanted to use for simple file sharing with others. We had been working on some projects involving file hosting and decided to fork one of the projects into this service.

People often ask us "Isn't your website just for porn or piracy?". Yes, there's porn and piracy on the internet, but the vast majority of files uploaded to Anonymous Files are harmless documents and images. Anything inappropriate is immediately removed - we will not tolerate abuse.

Since launching this service we have seen global usage. Fun fact: our most downloaded file has been a text file and the most uploaded file type is pdf.