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Zero logs.

Strict no logs policy. We will never log your IP or referer and we don't store logs.

Upload files up to 5GB.

We offer a large 5GB file upload limit which we plan on increasing. Our storage solution is scalable so you can upload as much as you like.

Zero speed or bandwidth restrictions.

We do not limit your download/upload speeds or the amount of bandwidth you use or charge you for full access.

Anonymity and privacy guaranteed.

Many file sharing websites track what you do, look at your files and share your data. We value your right to privacy and anonymity and promise never to do this.

Offshore hosted.

Our servers are located offshore, outside of EU and US jurisdictions. This means we do not collect, monitor or store your personal data, or pass it on to third parties.



Frequently asked questions

How to upload a file

You can drag and drop a file from your Finder to the upload box, or you can click the box and select a file to upload. Please read the detailed guide on Medium.

How do I share my file

Once your file has been uploaded the download page url will be returned and you can easily copy it by clicking the "Copy url" button. This is url you need to share with others.

How long are files uploaded for

Uploaded files will remain for as long as possible. We will delete files that have not been accessed or downloaded in a long time (longer than 6 months).

How do I delete my file

You cannot delete a file once it has been uploaded. However, you can set an expiry on a file so that it deletes after a certain amount of time. The maximum amount of time the file can be deleted after is 6 months. If you really messed up and need to delete a file you uploaded, if you can prove ownership contact us and we may be able to help.

What can I upload

You can upload anything that is legal. Please be respectful of this service - it was built to respect your privacy and make file sharing cool again.

What are the upload limits

There are no limits for reasonable usage.

What are the download limits

There are none. We do not make you wait to download. We do not limit your speed. We do not limit the bandwidth you use. (Most file sharing sites do some or all of these and try to make you pay for access). Just be reasonable.